Flatshares in Saint-Etienne with Coloc Invest

The Coloc Invest Rental Lease


Most roommates offer to all the roommates to sign a single lease and all the roommates are jointly and severally liable for the payment of the entire rent and charges of the apartment. This formula is therefore risky ...

With Coloc Invest, each tenant signs their own lease.

Advantage: no risk of paying more in case of departure or unpaid by another tenant. For you and the people who will stand surety, it is an incomparable security.

The notice to give in case of departure is only one month, it is the rule for the rent furnished unlike an empty hiring for which the notice is of 3 months.
For you it is the security not to pay more than a month of rent in case of unexpected departure.

All charges * are included in the rent.
No need to subscribe, your budget is planned in advance and fully mastered.

* Water, gas, electricity, heating, wifi, garbage collection fee, tenant charges, maintenance of the boiler.

It is equal to only one month's rent of TCC and it is returned quickly to your departure most often before the statutory deadline of 2 months (unless the inventory shows degradations).

HOUSING AID: all our rooms allow you to collect the ALS according to your personal situation and other supports for young people.

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