Questions you may have

When can I arrive?

We can welcome you and hand you your keys from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday and from 9 am to noon on Saturdays (by appointment and except holidays)

What is the advantage of the individual lease?

With an individual lease, you rent a room with access to the common areas (sanitary, kitchen, living room etc.) so you are only required to rent from your room. Even if other tenants leave you do not pay more.
Your guarantor only commits for your rent.
Your security deposit is refunded approximately 1 month after your departure.

Can I host a friend?

It is of course possible to lodge in your room a friend or a member of your family for a short time, during a weekend for example.
However, you share the common areas with other tenants, so you need to warn them before you know if this will not bother them because the sanitary facilities and kitchen will be less available to them during this time.
After 3 days, you must inform Coloc Invest that, depending on the case, may increase the expenses included in your rent.
You are responsible for any degradations that may be committed by your guests during their stay. (see below)

Can I smoke in my room?

It is not possible to smoke in the rooms or in the apartment because the smell of smoke and cold tobacco can inconvenience the other tenants, including the one who will replace you after your departure

Can I own a pet?

No it is not possible to come with your pet, dog, cat etc.) We do not doubt its tranquility and kindness but it can inconvenience other tenants by its smell or create allergies.

Can I organize parties in the apartment?

Obviously it is not possible to party in the apartment. The noise would inconvenience your neighbors who want to sleep but maybe also other tenants who prefer to study or who get up early the next day to go to work.
Tenants Coloc Invest must respect the tranquility of others.

Who is responsible for the degradation in the common areas?

The person who committed the damage must repair it.
If the person who committed the damage is not identified, the tenants of all the rooms are therefore liable to compensation in equal parts.
The dishes and the various broken or lost utensils must be replaced identically.

Can I collect housing assistance (CAF) ?

Yes, you can get housing assistance at the CAF (family allowance fund). The assistance is allocated according to your situation.
Generally all students can benefit from this assistance (ESL) including foreign students

Are small repairs and interventions chargeable?

   Yes, the price is €25.00 including €15:00 for labor and €10.00 for travel.
This concerns small repairs (opening the door if the key is forgotten or lost *, unblocking showers and sinks, changing light bulbs, etc.)
* In case of loss, the new keys are invoiced in addition.

THE GOOD DEAL: book with the ASSISTANCE OPTION, which will allow you to benefit from a fixed price for all our interventions and for the duration of your stay in the apartment.

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