Roommates, a rewarding way of life

Shared accommodation is an enriching experience that has many advantages:

Avoid loneliness when arriving in a city you don't know.

Offering a friendly and warm environment, shared accommodation also allows you to share housing costs, which can be very advantageous financially.

Co-living also encourages the sharing of household chores and daily responsibilities, thus lightening the load for each roommate.

Living in a shared apartment offers a unique opportunity to interact with people from diverse backgrounds. This cultural and intellectual diversity constitutes a real asset in our personal development and our open-mindedness.

Often, Erasmus roommates come from various countries, so roommates can allow them to learn or improve foreign languages.

Finally, we must not neglect the social aspects of shared accommodation. It creates an environment conducive to friendship and the creation of lasting bonds between roommates. Community life therefore promotes not only individual well-being but also that of the group.

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